Oh boy, do I know a thing or two about feeling tired, worn-out and over it!

I know what it’s like to live a busy life that’s completely out of balance. In fact, by the age of 30, I was completely burnt out!

After juggling years of working around the clock, stressing about deadlines and a busy social life, my body just said ‘enough is enough'!

I booked myself into a health retreat in a bid to recover but, typical of my mindset back then, I pushed myself so hard before I left that by the time I arrived, I was so sick and exhausted I was sent home after just a few days.

Constant exhaustion and frequent illness: this was my life for over 2 years. The fatigue was so debilitating that I had to stop EVERYTHING to get well!

My experience made me realise that when we don't have our health, every aspect of our lives is negatively affected. Our mood, finances, work, family and social life suffer. And then what do we have?

From that moment on, I have dedicated my life to finding balance and understanding how the mind and body works.

I made a choice to heal myself. I took the skills that I gained from becoming a naturopath and life coach to turn my life around so completely that I know I’ll never feel that way again. What I have discovered through my own journey is that success, joy and vitality comes when all aspects of health; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social are in balance.

My mission is to support people to live with more balance, happiness, connection, emotional resilience and greater health.

I am passionate about supporting women to step into their power, to dream BIG and go after what they really want in a way that is sustainable and in alignment with their passions and purpose.

Women can do, be and have anything they want… they just have to believe they deserve it!

So, if you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, burnt out and simply over it...

Then NOW is the time to book in or contact me to discuss how we can work together to turn your life around.
You can T H R I V E instead of just trying to survive.



  • I’m the owner and operator of Kellie Hansen Naturopath and Coach (formerly Inner Vitality Naturopathy)
  • I obtained my Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy via the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Adelaide
  • I received the prestigious Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) graduate award (2017) 
  • I am a registered practitioner with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) 
  • I am certified with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA)
  • I am the owner and facilitator of the Love Local Fleurieu networking events
  • I am an Internationally Accredited Life Coach
  • I am First Aid and CPR trained
  • I have DCSI and Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide clearance to work with children