In this episode Kellie Hansen chats to Kate Holland from KTB Communications about how we as women and mothers, shape-shift identity through the different seasons of our lives and more importantly, how we can frame up success to let go of the guilt and tap into joy.  This conversation gives you a permission slip to redefine what success looks like, so you can break free from the social, cultural and familial expectations and do success on your own terms!
In this episode you’ll also hear about:
– why it is important to seperate your worth from the different roles we have at home or work
– what it means to understand your values and live aligned with those to bring daily joy
– why it is necessary to have the flexibility and fluidity to change with the seasons of life
– why Kate was keen to carve out a new path rather than ride out the rest of her career
– how taking a leap of faith can really be the best thing for your ultimate transformation
–  why recognising our capabilities across different experiences contributes to our success and so much more!

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