In this episode Kellie chats about one of the most common stories she hears from the women she works with… ‘I’m not enough’ syndrome. Perhaps you can resonate and despite having all the qualifications, experience and confidence there’s a niggling voice that says your dream life is just one more university degree or training course away? If that’s you, listen in as Kellie unpacks the fear of failure so you can move past the discomfort and embrace the unique gifts and talents that are only yours!

In this episode you’ll also hear about:
– how to reframe the uncomfortable stories that keep golden opportunities hidden from you
– some of the processes Kellie used to move from crippling self doubt, to backing herself 100%
– how to be seen in your truth and hold polarising emotions
–  what great tool you can use as an outlet for releasing pent up emotions and explore your thoughts
– the profound and pivotal moment of transformation for Kellie that altered her trajectory

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