I’ve asked branding genius, Emily Hilder from Human Brands to join me on The Energetic Soulpreneur Podcast, to inspire you to live your truth in your business and life.
Emily is an internationally accredited coach, having held senior strategic roles at some of the world’s largest advertising agencies… so much more than a Marketing Maven, Emily is obsessed with helping purpose-driven people find financial freedom, doing the work they love!

In this episode you’ll also hear about:

  • how to bring the real you into your business marketing so you can safely shine online
  • why Emily stopped selling people shit they didn’t need and started connecting heart-driven humans to soulful success
  • Emily’s tips and tricks for overcoming the fear of showing up and being visible online
  • the questions you can ask yourself to get clarity on your unique messaging
  • why your zone of genius feels like the easiest thing in the world and makes you wildly worthy of  the sales you truly desire
  • how to make the heavy, burdensome decisions business owners face become crystal clear and so much more!
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