Have you ever launched your programme or offer only to have one or maybe no people sign up to join? Releasing your offer to the world is like giving a piece of your heart, it puts you in a very vulnerable space – will you be accepted or rejected? For many people, the fear of rejection is reason enough to never launch… that’s why in this episode of The Energetic Soulpreneur Podcast, host Kellie Hansen shares with us her tips for creating an energetically successful programme launch! Get access to her most powerful tools for a successful launch and discover the missing piece of the puzzle that nobody teaches you in business.

In this episode you’ll also hear about:
– how to enjoy the launch process rather than be in constant fear and desperation
– why knowing about masculine and feminine energy is important to a successful launch
– how to attract ideal clients effortlessly and easily
– why most female entrepreneurs create a repelling energy with their potential clients
– what to do when you start to panic during a launch

This episode is a perfect blend of the practical steps needed with the energetic side of things to create a truly successful launch period.

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