Are there areas of your life in which you feel confused, frustrated or disheartened? Maybe you’re at a crossroads, not sure which direction to take. Perhaps you would like answers to the questions you have going around in your head?

Do you need help figuring out what you really want and what your next steps should be?

Whether it’s your career, relationships, finances, home, personal development, spirituality, purpose or health, these sessions are perfect for breaking the cycle of confusion, self-doubt or procrastination.

I use my intuition and life coaching skills to get to the heart of the matter so that you know exactly where you need to prioritise your time and energy. We then work together to clarify the next steps you need to take to turn this aspect of your life around so that it brings you peace, fulfilment and ease.

Being honest about where you are is the first (and essential) step to creating the life you want. The work we will do during this personalised, one-on-one clarity coaching session will illuminate what needs to change, so that you can receive more of things that light you up and release the things that no longer serve you. This opens you up to a world of opportunity, freedom and space to make all areas of your life more meaningful and rewarding.

It’s never too late to review your life and make plans for your future that are congruent with how you want to feel, who you want to be and what you want to create. It all starts with just one quick clarifying intuitive coaching session and then you'll have the answers you need to move forward with trust and certainty.



Without a clear direction, it can feel as though we are spinning around in circles. I will help you to find your true north so that you can move forward with clarity and purpose.

I have spent years purposefully learning the world’s greatest transformative tools to support women to tap into their unlimited potential. I am a certified life coach, a certified neurolinguistic programming and Time Line® Therapy practitioner, a Naturopathic Emotional Release practitioner and degree qualified naturopath.

I combine my professional knowledge with my intuitive skills to help women to clarify what they really want and to move beyond their self-limiting beliefs and self-talk.

I tune into your energy with the intention of discovering what your heart is pulling you towards, what is standing in your way and what needs to be done to get the result you desire. I then share these insights with you so that you can uncover things that you may not be consciously aware of, as well as offering clarity and connection to your own inner wisdom. You can then make choices quickly and easily, knowing that they are in alignment with the life that you are here to create.

This is your opportunity to talk through your challenges within a safe and supportive environment with someone who can help you to clarify what you want. These sessions are ideal for shifting confusion and procrastination. This might be just the thing you need to kick start your momentum again. Empowering you to get back on track to improve any area of your life and to smash your goals.

You can transform all aspects of your life including, but not limited to:

Prosperity + Money

Work + Life Balance

Fun + Enjoyment

Relationships + Love

Personal growth + Life Purpose

Health + Vitality

Self-limiting thoughts/emotions/behaviours

Business + Career

Confidence + Fears

  • Cherie

    "Our session was so AMAZING. I need to sit with all the things Kellie just said to me. Literally could burst into happy tears of relief as it's exactly what I need to hear right now. Thank you so much, it's so on the mark. Every single word lands and rings true. It's incredible. Fascinating even. Goodbye procrastination, Kellie has been my guide to the next steps I need to take, both in my business and personally. Cannot thank her and the universe enough for her magical skill.”
  • Nicole

    "Kellie was able to pick up on my energy and offer empathetic support and practical strategies for taking the next necessary step toward the person I want to be.”
  • Kat

    ""Thanks so much Kellie. The information you shared with me really resonates”

Imagine connecting to the clarity of your highest self and having the self-belief to take inspired, aligned action towards the life that you desire.

What are you waiting for?


My intention during these coaching sessions is to:


Guide you to get unstuck, so that you can stop wasting your precious time and energy going round in circles of self-doubt and confusion.

Give you my full energy, support and intuitive guidance.

To offer guidance and honesty within a safe and nurturing space.

Support you to review the areas of your life (without judgement) that feel out of alignment, so that you can feel good about your next steps, while letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Guide you to the answers to your questions.

Shift you from a place of low energy to a high vibe state.

Direct you towards a place of inner peace, trust and deep fulfilment.

Begin to close the gap of where you are and where you want to be.

Help you to figure out what you really want and what your next steps should be.

Guide you to discover your own inner wisdom. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed.

For you to end the session feeling lighter, happier and in control of your life.






Online 30-minute intuitive coaching sessions to all parts of the world. $59 AUD