Thrive Tribe has provided me with a nurturing space that has allowed me to face fears, identify needs and chart a course into a new career. Kellie's mentorship and guidance has been pivotal in allowing the group to share and access our collective wisdom. 3 words to describe Thrive Tribe: Nurturing, enlightening, motivating


Kellie's coaching style has supported and challenged me just as I've needed, offering many 'aha' moments. Her Energetic Soulpreneur program offers the time and space necessary for deep, long-lasting personal and professional improvement. Kellie's approach is professional, friendly and thorough and she has been fully committed to helping me create the change I wanted.


I've really enjoyed working with Kellie, I found that I needed the weekly sessions as I always felt so much better afterwards. I liked how we did weekly steps for improvement. I'm in a totally different head space compared to when we began. I feel stronger and more resilient and I now have so much knowledge about myself that I didn't understand before. I'm really going to miss my weekly sessions as Kellie has been a great support to me.


Thrive Tribe has been the best experience for my personal and professional life. It is a sacred space of honest love and support. 3 words to describe Thrive Tribe: supportive, fun, honest.

Kat Kidman

Kellie is magic! I highly recommend her NLP program for moving past old habits and emotions.


Kellie is genuinely invested in helping you achieve your goals. She has an authentic, caring and enthusiastic energy which holds you safe whilst you are exploring your life goals, your higher purpose and ultimately working through the personal blocks that can be holding you back. So many personal breakthroughs for me, I can't recommend Kellie highly enough.


Kellie helped me shift emotions and limiting beliefs which helped me become a happier and more positive person. It has helped me achieve things that I never thought were possible. Kellie has amazing energy and it was a beautiful experience for her to guide me through the whole process.


Wow! Today is a new day. I feel so different emotionally. It's weird. I've never felt like this before. I feel clearer, less overwhelmed, less anxious and less reactive. Thank you so much Kellie, I can't wait for my next Breakthrough session.


Kellie is passionate about naturopathy and helping her clients. Our consults have been comprehensive and thorough. She has helped me to improve more aspects of my health and wellbeing than anticipated and has gently educated me in the process. If you are ready to be your best self...book in with Kellie now!


I had three coaching sessions with Kellie and didn’t know what to expect . I knew she was an experienced naturopath but didn’t know what that meant in terms of the support she could provide, helping me to build my business. The work we did together shifted me in a big way. She helped me feel clearer about my soul’s purpose, gave me a range of strategies to move forward, and more easily weave between home life (with a three year old) and work life. I would definitely recommend her if you are wanting to get clear on your purpose and/or build your business.


I’m not one normally to leave reviews but experiencing Kellie’s life coaching is an exception! I’ve just completed my first three sessions and am totally grateful for this woman. She has held a space for me as I dived deep into some big intentions for my life that weren’t being realised. Kellie has all the attributes of great coach. She has a wonderful balance of practical accountability and well-honed intuition that brings more light into the places the ‘smaller me’ was trying to hide! There was more lightness, laughter and genuine excitement as I went through these sessions with her. She is a wonderful listener, beautifully empathetic and can help you to organise the ‘aha’ moments into action from a self-leadership perspective. I’ve made some extremely bold and satisfying changes. I’m showing up for myself with more clarity and confidence. With gratitude I highly recommended Kellie. Clare Rose


I have been a client of Kellie’s for two years and she has helped me through naturopathy and diet change and helped me to feel healthy, less stressed and happier. I am now beginning coaching with her. My first Naturopathic Emotional Release session was very enlightening and her advice was very encouraging. I am looking forward to my next session very much


Highly recommend Kellie! Kellie is very thorough and comprehensive with her assessments and interventions. She has helped me to improve my energy levels, gut health problems and overall health significantly! Kellie is such a knowledgeable, holistic and understanding clinician too ✨ I couldn’t recommend her more! 😊


Kellie is an awesome life coach. She is not just great with advice and guidance, she lives it. She is engaging, positive, encouraging and keeps you on track to achieve your goals. She is passionate about having a positive impact on others and has a unique zest for life and continued evolvement. You leave sessions with a clear plan to make positive changes in your life.  I would definitely recommend her.


Kellie really took the time to hear my history and managed to ask all the right questions to get to the root of my problems. She was very clear in what I needed to do. The care I received was very good and I felt very comfortable working with her. My main aim was to get my periods to return to normal and that was achieved very quickly. I also got to experience some emotional release therapy with kellie and although I’m still not quite sure how it works I felt it really did give me a release, something that I had tried to achieve through therapy for a number of months and did not achieve. I will definitely continue to see Kellie to maintain the inner wellness she has helped me experience.


Kellie was born to be a naturopath! Her commitment to wellness and ability to actively listen to your individual health issues is incredibly refreshing. Following a planned program of herbal supplements, I am sleeping better and no longer have the foggy brain I had months before.


Kellie is an amazing person who helped change my life and energy by supporting my wellness journey with NER (Naturopathic Emotional Release). I had enjoyed making self-care lifestyle changes for many years with meditation, healthy eating, regular exercise, expanding my knowledge, and learning to ask myself the hard questions to make big changes to my personal relationships. Whilst things improved in so many ways on the surface and around me, I was never truly able to quite fully believe in myself on the inside. After only a few sessions with Kellie, I felt the biggest shift I can remember within myself. I now finally feel my limiting beliefs have vanished and, in their place, sits vast amounts of gratitude and love vibrating deep inside my heart. It’s been a complete game changer in my healing journey and I can clearly see was the one missing piece I needed to get me over the line and support all the other pieces I had been practicing. Thank you, Kellie, there really are no words 🙏 😇


Kellie will go above and beyond to find what's needed to help and heal you - she cares deeply and studies widely!


Kellie is a compassionate, supportive and extremely intuitive coach. I loved her coaching style as well as the processes she used during our calls. Many AHA moments experienced!!