Welcome to the Energetic Soulpreneur Podcast! In this episode host Kellie Hansen shares about the lessons that were her biggest teachers in her twenties… fatigue, debilitating illness, anxiety, and ultimately massive burnout. Kellie speaks of her journey from exhaustion to vitality, revealing the six life changing pillars that have revolutionised the way she not only lives her life but manifests dreams into reality.

As someone who know it’s never too late to turn things around, Kellie is passionate about supporting you to avoid building your dream life with a house of cards, listen as she walks you through the six pillars of health, balance, connection, clarity, mindset, and manifestation.

In this episode you’ll also hear about:
– what happens when you don’t make time for rest
– why your health is the most important part of your being
– Kellie’s terrifying sliding door moment that forever changed her life
– the one daily practice that had the most profound effect on Kellie
– why confusion is the worst saboteur of all

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