Thrive Tribe will be returning with even more soul-nourishing support, connection and growth in 2022.

So, the question is…Will you be joining us for a yearlong group adventure?

Come together in person (yay!) every 6 weeks with an amazing tribe of women. Create regular space for connection, personal and professional growth, support, clarity and soul-aligned planning so that you feel confident to show up authentically and to take inspired action towards your business and personal goals.

We connect in real life as a group to share our experience, hold each other accountable to our goals, work through any challenges and celebrate our wins as each woman moves forward on her own unique path of growth and discovery. And of course, I’ll be there to support you to open up to new possibilities, to overcome your fears and to shine the light on what is possible for you in your life and business.

When women come together you realise that everyone has challenges, and everyone experiences fear and self-doubt, just like you. Here, you can find your tribe, support crew, cheerleaders and soul sisters. This is a safe and supportive environment in which you can feel comfortable in sharing your experience with a group of women who are on the journey with you. Coming together and sharing our collective wisdom amplifies everyone’s growth and expansion. And you form friendships and alliances that last a lifetime.

Creating a life and career that feels aligned for you, doesn’t come by chance. It takes regular time and space to connect with what your soul is calling you towards. Sharing your ideas, insights and experiences with your Tribe allows you to move forward with greater clarity and confidence. The Thrive Tribe framework is designed to accelerate your personal and professional expansion so that you end the year feeling proud of your achievements.

If you work alone in your business and you miss the connection and communication of working in a team environment or you want to benefits of in person mentoring, then Thrive Tribe is for you. Join me and a small group of supportive women as we explore and discover what our souls are pulling us towards.



Hi I’m Kellie. I have a mission to support women to connect with their intuitive powers so they can live a joy-filled, authentic and fulfilling life of ease. I have helped so many women step out of confusion, procrastination and self-doubt into confident, soul-aligned action.

I have worked with women from a range of industries, including beauticians, branding managers, designers, healers, bookkeepers, retail store owners, massage therapists, social media mangers, artists, art therapists, yoga instructors, hairdressers, occupational therapists, school teachers and many more.

I have been where you are. I’ve experienced crippling fear, persistent self-doubt and overwhelm. But then I learnt how to listen to my intuition, and this has gifted me a consistent feeling of peace and certainty. It has transformed my life, and it can do this for you too!

I created Thrive Tribe to provide women with a safe container in which they can learn to trust their intuition, discover their own unique gifts and tap into their creator superpowers.

There is so much potential and possibility for you in 2022, if you are ready to stop undervaluing your worth and step into your power. And I’ll be there with your Tribe sisters to support you every step of the way.

  • Fiona

    “Thrive Tribe has been the best experience for my personal and professional life. It is a sacred space of honest love and support. Three words to describe Thrive Tribe: supportive, fun, honest.”
  • Lindy

    “Thrive Tribe has provided me with a nurturing space that has allowed me to face fears, identify needs and chart a course into a new career. Kellie's mentorship and guidance has been pivotal in allowing the group to share and access our collective wisdom. Three words to describe Thrive Tribe: Nurturing, enlightening, motivating.”

You don’t have to feel alone in is this rollercoaster journey of growth and expansion.

What are you waiting for?

Want to join the Tribe?

The 2022 investment is $1,555 for the year. In addition to the Thrive Tribe regroup days, you will receive a 15% discount on all SA Soulpreneur events for 2022. SA Soulpreneur events and private FaceBook community are priceless opportunities to expand your network and promote your business with other soul-aligned women.

A deposit of $555 will secure your spot. Your payment plan of 10 x $100 monthly payments will commence from February 2022. All deposits MUST be paid by the 6th December, but if you wait until then you could miss out!!

So, if you want to form genuine friendships with women who understand and support you, while creating time space for the things that make you happy then I’d L O V E you to join us!

Thrive Tribe will continue to be held in Seaview Downs on Mondays 9.30am – 2.00pm on the following dates:

Monday, 7 February

Monday, 21 March

Monday, 2 May

Monday, 6 June

Monday, 25 July

Monday, 5 September

Monday, 17 October

Monday, 28 November

The year will culminate with a special women’s circle and celebration.

I only have 5 places available and access to Thrive Tribe 2022 will close on Monday, 6 December or before if all spaces are filled.

Then, it’ll be a whole other year before you have the chance to join us again!!







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