Think you need to choose between success and your wellbeing? You don’t.

Are you sick of the daily hustle? Are you tired of feeling tired and want to feel motivated, energetic and enthusiastic about life? Do you want to do things differently, to have more connection, ease, enjoyment and be in ‘flow’ with your business and life, but you don’t know where to start?

When we’re overwhelmed it can feel as though we have to choose between our business (or our career), our health, and the people and things that we love. But the truth is that they were all designed to work together in harmony.

When you are fuelled by good health, tuned in to your intuition and making space to connect with what you really want, your work, passions and health all power one another, lifting each other up and moving you closer towards the life you desire. When you prioritise your health and happiness, the other parts of the puzzle – work, love, wealth and family – all flow with greater ease.

If you are ready to break free from the status quo and discover a new fulfilling and sustainable way to excel in business and life then Energetic Soulpreneur is for you!

Create a life of balance, energy and joy

Creating a life of ease and business of your dreams takes a truly holistic mind, body and soul approach. With this in mind I have created a powerful framework based on the guiding principles of health, balance, connection, clarity, mindset and manifestation to transform the way that you show up for yourself and in the world.

As soon as we’ve got your health sparkling, together we create time and space for you to review and restore balance in your life and business. I provide a deeply supported, spacious experience in which you can work on the places that need to shift so that you can feel good about the things that you choose to keep. How good does that sound?

Then to supercharge your success, you’ll learn how to master your mindset so that you can put an end to procrastination, self-doubt and fear; unlocking a deeper sense of self, clarity and confidence for your future. And you can really step into your power by learning how to work with the Universal Laws and Law of Attraction to fast-track the life of your dreams. This is where the magic really starts to happen.

Last of all we get into some serious obstacle removal! As we move towards our full potential and start to lean into the unknown, it’s not uncommon for subconscious resistance and negative thoughts to come up. To support you to get out of your own way I will share with you my most powerful mindset techniques to help you move forward with ease and confidence in your personal development.

This unique combination of health, coaching and mindset is the foundation from which you can create more space for the things that matter most to you, learn to trust your intuition, make soul-aligned choices, nail down your goals and make intentional, inspired action.


As a naturopath and coach I’m all about mentoring women to step into their power, to dream BIG and go after what they really want in a way that is sustainable and in alignment with their values and purpose. I use a powerful combination of optimal health, mindset and practical life strategies to support female entrepreneurs to create the business of their dreams and a life of joy and ease.

I learned early on that creating a soul-driven, joy-filled life is an inside job that involves body, mind and soul. So, I’ve spent years purposefully seeking out and learning some of the world’s most transformative tools and modalities. Now I use an intuitive combination of herbal medicine, naturopathic therapies, nutrition, life coaching, Naturopathic Emotional Release, Law of Attraction practices, lifestyle interventions and linguistic programming to help women create a life and career that they love.

Here’s what I bring to our work together:

  • A unique combination of naturopath, health coach and mindset coach. Meaning you can address all of the obstacles to success – physical, mental and emotional – all at once. We’re talking massive transformation here!
  • My naturopathic training gives me the ability to identify and treat hidden disease states, so that we can remove any hidden obstacles to you getting the vitality and energy to level up.

  • The 360’ vision to address all the parts of the puzzle; physical health, inner knowing and intentional planning and creation.
  • Powerful coaching skills which support you to move through roadblocks such as fear and self-doubt.
  • My own lived experience of burnout, fatigue and lack of purpose. Followed by my transformation to the Energetic Soulpreneur 10 years later. I’ve never felt better, and you can too!
  • A life-changing toolkit at your disposal; Naturopathy, Neuro-linguistic programming, Naturopathic Emotional Release, Law of Attraction, Time Line Therapy, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle medications and mindset practices. So we can hone in on the perfect mix to create the greatest shift for you.

I literally have ALL the tools and techniques for any woman wanting to become her best self and to create a life and business that she loves. No more forking out time and money for a nutritionist, a coach and a naturopath; you get it all in one place.


You want to optimise your health and feel great in your body, all the time.

You are tired of being tired and want to feel energetic and fired up about life.

You want work and life to be joyful, vibrant and meaningful.

You want a sustainable business that gives you time for the people and things that matter most to you.

You want to connect with your soul-purpose and share your gifts authentically.

You want to create a soul-driven, joy-filled life and business.

  • Lisa

    “I've really enjoyed working with Kellie, I found that I needed the weekly sessions as I always felt so much better afterwards. I liked how we did weekly steps for improvement. I'm in a totally different head space compared to when we began. I feel stronger and more resilient and I now have so much knowledge about myself that I didn't understand before. I'm really going to miss my weekly sessions as Kellie has been a great support to me.”
  • Denise

    “Kellie is genuinely invested in helping you achieve your goals. She has an authentic, caring and enthusiastic energy which holds you safe whilst you are exploring your life goals, your higher purpose and ultimately working through the personal blocks that can be holding you back. So many personal breakthroughs for me, I can't recommend Kellie highly enough.”
  • Deb

    “I didn’t know what to expect. I knew Kellie was an experienced naturopath but didn’t know what that meant in terms of the support she could provide, helping me to build my business. The work we did together shifted me in a big way. She helped me feel clearer about my soul’s purpose, gave me a range of strategies to move forward, and more easily weave between home life (with a three year old) and work life. I would definitely recommend her if you are wanting to get clear on your purpose and/or build your business.”
  • Kelly

    “Kellie is an awesome life coach. She is not just great with advice and guidance, she lives it. She is engaging, positive, encouraging and keeps you on track to achieve your goals. She is passionate about having a positive impact on others and has a unique zest for life and continued evolvement. You leave sessions with a clear plan to make positive changes in your life.  I would definitely recommend her.”
  • Rachel

    "I wasn’t sure what to expect meeting with Kellie. What I’ve walked away with is a clearer more confident mindset. I have a lot more space to plan and think ahead and create what I set my mind to. I was impressed with how quickly things have changed for me and that’s with a few small goals that I focused on. This was just what i needed and I am very thankful to you Kellie."


Working with me is transformational, soul-nourishing and life-altering. There is so much personal and professional growth and expansion on the cards is you are willing to do what it takes to reconnect to what your soul desires and seek more from this one precious life. This is the kind of thing we are talking about:

  • Getting back your energy, vitality and clarity of mind.
  • Having the confidence to stay in your own lane and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Feeling empowered to go after those bigger vision goals.
  • Having the tenacity to back yourself without fear of judgement or failure.
  • Getting clear on what you want and how you are going to get it.
  • Creating a life of abundance and freedom.
  • Knowing with certainty that you can trust your intuition.
  • Feeling the motivation that comes when you know your purpose.

As you have probably already noticed, this is not your run-of-the-mill approach to healthcare, life or business. Here you will find a truly unique and holistic approach to your wellbeing. Quick fix programs may deliver results short term, but if you don’t address the ‘real’ problems such as diet, stress, busyness, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, you revert back to old habits and then you are where you began, or worse. And that’s frustrating, right?

Put simply, you can’t keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

Life changing transformations do not happen overnight. You need time to process new information, implement plans and break old habits before you can step into the next phase of your growth and development. Therefore, Energetic Soulprenuer is a powerful 3-month program. I want the magic of the Energetic Soulpreneur framework to be accessible to all women, so I have created a program in which you can choose the level of support you would like to receive, and payment plans are available on request.

Choose the group option and you will have access to weekly group coaching calls in which I will share the powerful Energetic Soulpreneur framework plus all my resources, worksheets, planner pages, meditations and much more!! You will learn how to build the life force to break through self-doubt and confusion and become your own version of a vibrant, empowered, action-taking superwoman.

For those wanting a deeply supported and personalised experience for rapid growth and expansion, choose the VIP option and you will not only receive the benefits of sharing in the group program experience, but you will also have high-touch support from me for the entire 3-month experience. It's the best of both worlds!! In our journey together we will review and overhaul all aspects of your life: health and happiness, business and career, relationships, prosperity, personal growth and most importantly fun and enjoyment. It’s important that I let you know, due to the high-touch support that I give during this experience, space is limited. Here's an outline of the Energetic Soulpreneur journey:

  • If there’s one thing I know, it’s that in order to become a masterful creator of your dream life you have to have a strong foundation of health. Health is the master source that gives you the energy, vitality and clarity of mind to courageously go after the life that you want. You’ll learn how to reclaim your energy naturally so that you’ll be sparkly-eyed and springing out of bed in no time! You will receive a done for you meal plan and prep guide that will get your health back on track and give you sustained energy and wellbeing.

    If you join my VIP program you will receive a comprehensive health assessment and pathology review. I use my experience and training as a naturopath to assess if there are any hidden pathologies preventing you from achieving optimal health. You’ll then receive a personalised health care program that is specific to your health care needs and goals. .

  • Let’s keep that burnout beast at bay! To maintain your sparkle, I hold space for you to renew balance in your life and business – and keep it that way. Learn how to increase productivity, reduce procrastination, and find time that you never knew you had.

  • Learn how to reconnect with your inner wisdom and trust your intuition because good things happen when you allow your higher purpose to take the wheel (just wait till you’ve experienced it!). The universe is always giving you feedback to reassure you that you are on the right path. Learn how to see the signs so that you can follow your soul journey with confidence and certainty.

  • Understand your personality traits and values, get clear on what you really want and discover your soul purpose so that you can move towards your dreams with confidence and clarity.

  • Now it’s time for some serious obstacle removal! As we move towards our full potential and start to lean into the unknown, it’s not uncommon for subconscious resistance and negative thoughts to come up. To support you to get out of your own way I will share with you my most powerful mindset techniques to help you to move forward with ease in your personal development. Join my VIP program and you will receive a 2-hour Time Line Therapy session to remove your self-limiting beliefs and emotions quickly and easily for supercharged confidence and courage.

  • Learn how to combine practical goal setting with the Laws of Attraction to fast-track your success, attract unlimited abundance and manifest a life that is beyond your wildest imagination.

  • As we work through this process you may find that your business needs a few tweaks to bring it into alignment with the new you. We’ll review all aspects of your business, so that you can create a business that feels abundant, fun, easy and fulfilling. Now, it’s time to celebrate!! You have all the tools and resources you need to transform your life into whatever you want it to be!! We will come together to celebrate your wins and acknowledge all that you have achieved thus far. This is just the beginning of your exciting, elevated future.



Weekly live online group workshops (value $3,000)

Discover your soul purpose and leave a lasting legacy (value = priceless).

Energy boosting health program including meal plan and prep guide. (value $1,000)

My energetic and intuitive support for the entire time we work together. (again, epic support)

Access to your private and secure Energetic Soulpreneur portal where you can:

  • send/receive private group messages,
  • view reminders and tasks,
  • book additional appointments,
  • take part in secure online video workshops,

PLUS access to all of my planners, workbooks, questionnaires, recommendations and resources. (value $2,500)

BONUS: Creating a Life of Ease workbook (value $100)


Weekly live group workshops PLUS... (value $7,000)

Private mentoring and professional naturopathic support throughout the entire 3-month journey. (value $3,000)

Weekly private in-person or online 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions (value $3,000)

Comprehensive 90 minute health assessment and pathology review (value $400)

Personalised naturopathic health care program, meal plan and prescription (value $500)

Personalised 2-hour timeline therapy session to release your self-limiting beliefs and emotions (value $600)

Private direct messenger access to me (invaluable support)

Comprehensive personality test and report. (value $200)

That’s well over $15,000 in value for a fraction of that price!! It’s everything you need to succeed and more!







*Energetic Soulpreneur is suitable for minor health conditions, improving your energy levels or taking you to the next level of health and happiness, it is not suitable for chronic or complicated health concerns.
*Due to the individual nature of your treatment plan, the cost of pathology, functional testing and supplements (if required) are not included in the cost of your program.



$1,111. STARTS FEBRUARY 2022


<h2>VIP<br>1:1 MENTORING</h2>


$3,666. STARTS JANUARY 2022.




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